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If you are researcher, scientist, or engineer in eastern North Carolina, please consider one of these available volunteer roles:


Activity Leaders

Prepare and host a ~45 min STEM-related activity to a group of students (~10-15 per group) ~3 times throughout the day. We can reimburse for material costs. You can also team up with colleagues to lead an activity together. Activities should be STEM-related, hands-on, and applicable to high schoolers (grades 9-12). Below you will find the North Carolina Biology and Chemistry Standards. Rather than fitting your activity perfectly to a standard, please use these as a guide to help you in designing your activity.

NC Biology Standards

NC Chemistry Standards


Group Leaders

Lead a group of students to their 3 activities throughout the day and act as a STEM mentor.


General Volunteer Opportunities

Afternoon prior to event (Friday early evening)- set up tables and ensure activity locations are ready for Activity Leaders


  • Check-in table (Saturday morning)
  • Activity Leader support (full day)
  • Group Leader support (full day)
  • Break-down and cleanup (Saturday early evening)